Creative Documentary, Incomplete, 2012, Co-Produced with Dafni Kalafati & Nikolas Alavanos


Panos Karan is a young concert pianist, who decides to leave behind the standard life of the performer and the glamorous concert halls of Europe and embark on a 5,000 mile musical journey across the Amazon River, together with his best companion: the piano. His vision is to share the power and beauty of classical music with remote communities along the Amazon basin. From Coca, Ecuador to Belem, Brazil, Panos aspires to play piano recitals for villages and indigenous communities: 88 concerts in 88 different symbolic locations along the river; one for each key of the piano. How will the locals respond to his vision? Will Karan be seen simply as an ambitious missionary of classical music, or will he be accepted by the communities as an enthusiastic dreamer who wishes to build cultural bridges?

CREDITS of the Pilot Trailer

Directed by The Core
Produced by Panos Adamopoulos, Dafni Kalafati & Nikolas Alavanos
Director of Photography: Manu Tilinski
Editor: Kyriakos Stylianopoulos
Sound Engineer: Alex Mouratoglou