Creative Documentary, 44:58 min, 2017, Co-Produced with Nikos Lagousakos


  • Sochi Film Festival, 2018
  • VDNH Park Inspirational Festival, 2018


In the summer of 2016, Moscow’s biggest park, VDNH, organised a three-day festival of performative arts. Each day was dedicated to a different art form: Theater, Dance & Music. This documentary film is about the “Dance Day”. From the beginning of the rehearsal period a film crew followed over 200 choreographers and dancers around the park during the creation, development and delivery of around 60 different dance performances. Throughout the film we alternate between intimate creation moments of the artists and the vastness of the VDNH park, were dance meets nature in a raw but still poetic way.


Directed by Sofia Nikiforova
Produced by Panos Adamopoulos & Nikos Lagousakos
Director of Photography: Maria Falileeva
Editing: Sofia Nikiforova
Sound: Faina Makoeva
Titles: Maria Milyan
Subtitles: Gleb Milyan
Translation: Maria Nikolaeva