Essay film, 17:35 min, 2013 – 2014, Co-Produced with Lucid Walks


  • Berlin Independent Film Festival, 2015
  • Berlin Short Film Festival, 2015


A coming-of-age story and experimental road movie, The Eye of the Beholder is deconstructing the rather banal adventures of a European couple travelling through Mexico. Full of expectations, armed with their pocket camera, the two travellers anticipate breathtaking vistas, moments of pure exoticism and comforting chance-meetings with locals. They will soon find out that the much anticipated couleur locale has a life of its own: locals do not always appreciate smiling tourists that take pictures. This short, narrative video – a visual pastiche of stills photography, video sequences, drawings, collected ephemera and graffiti – elegantly moves between the genres of essay film and travelogue combining elements of fiction with a personal-political approach to narrative. Rather than attempting to be a simple story about a journey, The Eye of the Beholder is a visual narrative that works with-and-through theory: how does snap shot photography change our relation to others and to our memories?


Written & Directed by Stefanos Pavlakis
Produced by Panos Adamopoulos & Stefanos Pavlakis
Narrator: Scott Martingell
Characters: Eliza Panagiotatou & Stefanos Pavlakis
Camera & Stills: Stefanos Pavlakis & Eliza Panagiotatou
Editing: Stefanos Pavlakis
Sound Design: Fred Bigot Assistant
Editor: Martin Andrée
Script Editing – Proofing: Colin Bass
Drawings: Crista D.