we make FILMS

TORNOS is passionate about film in all its forms, and loves to spin its reels.

We collaborate closely with like-minded filmmakers and producers to create a diverse range of screen projects – from features and documentaries to experimental shorts and film essays.

  • Dance Day
    Co-Produced with Nikos Lagousakos
    Creative Documentary
    44:58 min, 2017
    In the summer of 2016, Moscow’s biggest park, VDNH, organised a three-day festival of performative arts. Each day was dedicated to a different art form: Theater, Dance & Music. This documentary film is about the...
  • Studio Harmattan
    Co-Produced with Lucid Walks
    Creative, Interventionist Documentary
    35:25 min, 2017
    A collection of grotesque pop-culture masks is being passed from one photo-studio to the next, used by three enigmatic travelers as vehicles for smuggling themselves across a cultural threshold, in Benin, West Africa.
  • Summer 2009 in the Island of Good
    Co-Produced with BI-OPTIC Productions
    39:58 min, 2016
    The beginning of the refugee crisis in Greece as it was documented in 2009 at the small island of Agathonisi (Αγαθονήσι) six miles away from the Turkish coastline.
  • Drive Through
    Co-Produced with Lucid Walks
    Experimental Short
    17:21 min, 2015
    Three young, white men travel through Morocco. They have assigned themselves a mission. They have entrusted a photographer with documenting their deeds. Nothing happens as envisioned…
  • The Eye of the Beholder
    Co-Produced with Lucid Walks
    Essay Film
    17:35 min, 2014
    The experimental short deconstructs approaches to photography and memory using the "adventures" of a European couple in Mexico as vehicle.
  • Amazon88
    Co-Produced with Dafni Kalafati & Nikolas Alavanos
    Creative Documentary
    Incomplete, 2012
    88 keys of piano, 88 concerts, one creative documentary. A musical journey across the Amazon River, performing piano recitals in some of the most remote places of our world.
  • The Invisible Wall
    Co-Produced with BI-OPTIC Productions
    Short Documentary
    3:53 min, 2011
    The most indestructible, everlasting and insurmountable wall among us is invisible. The Invisible Wall or different ways to spend your summer on a small Greek island.
  • Modern Spartan Warriors - In the same river twice?
    Co-Produced with BI-OPTIC Productions
    Short Documentary
    6:20 min, 2010
    A group of Greek men wants to re-create the ancient Spartan Phalanx and become modern Spartan Warriors. Their goal is 'to revive and spread the Ancient Spartan Ideals and the Ancient Greek Ways in an era of decay.